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Parbati Rai was born in Udaypur, Nepal. She is a Pouplar model, Dancer in nepali entertainment industry. Parbati Rai is one of the popular Nepali dancer / Model who has played in numerous Nepali music videos.

Gorgeous Parbati Rai is well known model name in Nepalese music industry. Her professional career started from dancing reality show ‘chhamchhami’. She came to took part in chhamchhami where she took second place. After winning second title on chhamchhami Parbati doesn’t had to look back. She started to get opportunities in folk music videos .

Mostly Parbati is well seen on Nepali lok dohori songs. In most of the popular Nepali lok dohori videos we can see her pair with the well known choreographer Shankar BC. Beside dancing on Nepali lok dohori songs Parbati is busy doing shows and performances in and out of Nepal. She is one of the talented Nepali dancer who is called for events and programs organized by Nepalese in abroad.

Shankar BC – Biography, Profile, Video, Dance, Songs, family

Shankar BC is an award-winning tap dancer and choreographer of Nepali Music and film industries. Shankar BC (born 1979) is a Nepali Dance director, instructor, actress and choreographer. Shankar BC is best known for His choreographic work in numerous Nepali music videos. Shankar BC has choreographed dance routines for more than a sixteen hundred songs in nepali music.

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