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Meri Ganga Music Pvt Ltd Presnet's 
 Tulsa Bibash KC and H.B. Kc's New 
Nepali LOk Dohori Folk Song "Paisa Kharchha Bho"

More Details About This Song
New Nepali Folk Video Song 2017/2073 "Paisa Kharcha Bho" by Tulsi Bibas KC & Jhuma Dangi only on Music Nepal official YouTube channel.

!!!!...Unauthorized downloading and uploading on YouTube channel is Strictly Prohibited And will attract punitive measures from Music Nepal.

Right for this video is provided by Bheri Ganga Music Pvt.Ltd.

Paisa Kharcha Bho
Singer – Tulsi Bibas KC & Jhuma Dangi
Lyrics – H.B KC Itihas
Music – H.B KC Itihas
Artist – Sibam Pokhrel & Jyoti Magar
Editor – Adhinayak Man Sherchan
Camera – Ajay Regmi 
Director – Sibam Pokhrel

A World of Nepali Music & Entertainment

A few television interviews that she appeared on were either censored and not broadcast at all due to her ‘inappropriate way of dressing’. Jyoti Magar’s interview conducted by Nepal Telivision Plus (NTV Plus) was never broadcast because the censor team found it apparently vulgar. Another interview for Himalayan Television was also censored due to dress issues.

Jyoti has slammed the claims that she dresses inappropriately and in a vulgar way. While questioning NTV’s decision not to broadcast her interview, she said to a Nepali online magazine, “showing little bit of cleavage is common even among those women who censored it, I was there in Nepali traditional dress, but it shouldn’t have been censored like that in any way”.  

In 2016, a video clip was spread on social media which showed that Jyoti was apparently drunk and was dancing in a very provocative way in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Personal Life

As of October 2016, Jyoti is single and when asked by JanaPukar, an online magazine, whether she was in a romantic relationship, she said that she’s in love with music. She has revealed that she does get plenty of love proposals which she can broadly categorize into two: from the ones who really like her emotionally, but also from the ones who are merely seeking physical pleasure from her.

Jyoti has one brother and one sister and while siblings are married, she lives with her parents.

She has said that her bad habit is that she is a bit lazy. When asked whether she had a favorite Nepali political leader, she said she liked Gagan Thapa because he’s handsome and has good views. When asked if sex before marriage was OK for her, she replied that if there is long commitment and if the person you are involved with is HIV negative, it should be OK.

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