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Gorkha Chautari Music Pvt Ltd Presnet's  
 Ramji Bohara's New Nepali Comedy Lok Dohori Song
 "Launa A Police Dai" 

More  Details  About This Song 
 Song Title : Launa a Police Dai 
 Vocal : Amrit Sapkota and Devi Gharti Magar 
 Lyrics : Santosh Baniya and Ramji Bohara 
 Lyrics : Rajkumar Baniya
 Production and Distribution : Gorkha Chautari Music Pvt Ltd 
 Direction : Smirti Timilsina 
Camera : Suresh Shrestha  
Editing : Deepak Bista 
 Video Made by : Guruaama Filims Pvt Ltd

Since policing is a constitutional obligation on the part of the government in Nepal, Nepal Police Organization is the main administrative apparatus in the hands of the government to safeguard people's constitutional rights and to maintain law and order in the country.

Prior to 1864 AD
The Police institution dates back to the ancient times as does the history and language of the country.[citation needed]

During The Rana Regime (1864-1951 AD)
During Rana Regime, little was done to institutionalize the Police Organisation, establishing Milisiya, Thana police Chakki, office of Police director general etc. which gradually shaped The Nepal Police to this modern "Nepal Police".[citation needed]

During The Period 1951 till 1990
Nepal saw the dawn of democracy after the fall of the Rana regime. The Police Headquarters was established in 1952 in Kathmandu. Mr. Toran Shamsher J.B.Rana was appointed the first Inspector General of Police. The Police Act, 2012 BS (1955 AD) came into effect. The Police Regulation, 2015 BS (1959 AD) came into effect.[citation needed]

The Parliamentary Government under the multi-party system was adopted for some years which was followed by Panchayat System since 1960. The establishment of the Central Police Training Centre in 1963 A.D.[citation needed]

From The Period 1990 Till Date
The Peoples democratic movement of 1990 reinstated the multi party democratic system. The new constitution of the kingdom was promulgated on November 9, 1991. The Police Reform Commission was constituted in the year 1992 and Modernization of the Police Organisation started to tune with the aspirations of the people and norms of Multi-Party system. The first contingent of Police personnel was deployed in UN Mission in 1991. More than 2000 police personnel have already left their feet serving the international community in blue helmet. Nepal Police is the main and principle law enforcement agency of Nepal.[citation needed]

Nepal Police has total 67,416 police personnel and has 2,344 permanent and 507 temporary police offices and units spread all over the country.

The present chief of Nepal Police is IGP Upendra Kant Aryal. (From on November 16, 2013 by the decision of Government of Nepal, dated November 11, 2013)

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