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New Nepali Melodious Adhunik Song "Na Piyeranai" by Pramod Kharel featuring Chanda Dahal

Vocal: Pramod Kharel
Lyrics: Hari Uprety
Music: Bikash Chaudhary

Model: Chanda Dahal and Jeevan Odari
Make Up Artist: Kalpana Rijal
Camera: Sandesh Motey
Edit: Sandip Motey
Direction: Bikram Dahal
Post Production: MFP
Pramod Kharel is one of the best playback singers of Nepal. Blessed with a golden voice, he has touched the hearts of milliomns with his songs. He has proven his versatility in the field of music with his various singing style in various genre.

He was born on  on November 6,1979 at Baniani05, jhapa, Nepal to BISHNU SHARMA KHAREL and BALABHADRA KHAREL. He developed in interest in the music from a very early age and participated in different musical event in schools, colleges and also in his community.

The year 1999 marked the commencement of his professional musical career with his first solo album "PRAPTI". It emerged as one of the biggest hit of the year. He is also formally trained in different musical institues and musical companies.

He has already lent his soothing voice in more than 90 kollywood movie and has more than 300 albums till date. Since the success of "PRAPTI", he has released several solo albums that were widely adored and loved by fans worldwide. SENTIMENTS (2003), PRANAYA (2010), PRAWEG (2011), NIRJHARI (2011), HUNGAMA (2013) are his albums to date. His other collections albums are: SANTOSH, ANURAG 03, ADHAYA, SAMIKSHYA, RAKSHYA, ADHAYA 02 & DHOKA

Pramod's music has been as an inspiration to many of the viewers and listeneres within and outside Nepal. He is one of the best pop, Classical, Gazhal and folk singer and is among one the highly sought after playback singer.

Pal Pal Ma, Lagi Lagi, Mero Dil Kaha Harayo, Preti Ko Phool, Kasailai ta, Dil Mohani Sama, Maya ani Piratima, Kina Lagcha Maya, Mero Maya Yesto Cha, Malai Jasle Pani, Usle Jaati Maya, Lakhau Tara, Hey Maya, Bacheko Thiye, Ma Bina Kasai Kasailai, Dubayo Papi Mayale & Hungama Bho... are the example of some of the hit songs tracks.

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