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“If the authorities in the higher positions had done their job properly, the country would have been prosperous and developed by now,” he further stated.

Likewise, actor duo Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire expressed their happiness on their new project and stated that they were happy to be able to help the locals of Musahar village.

Yadav on the occasion thanked Dhurmus-Suntali for their effort and stated that the project would prove to be a milestone to further enhance the Tarai-Hill relationship.

The settlement would be children and disabled-friendly and would be made at a cost of Rs 47.8 million. It would include as many as 50 houses, a community building, a garden and a temple, read the press statement.

Singer Mandavi Tripathi, actors Manoj Gajurel, Kiran KC, Jitu Nepal and Surendra KC among others were also present in the event.

The couple have planned to finish the project and handover the settlement by April 14 this year.

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