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Albeit four years have gone since the review, was directed, the state of open lavatories still remains despicably poor in the Valley. 

There were a sum of 68 open toilets in the Valley when the review was conducted.The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has fabricated extra 10 open restrooms in the Valley since, however a great many people abstain from utilizing them. 

KMC representative Gyanendra Karki said KMC has distinguished 52 puts over the Valley to construct extra open toilets. 

"We have distinguished 52 places for building extra open toilets. We have sent a proposition in such manner to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development," he told The Himalayan Times. 

As indicated by him, Maharajgunj, Kalanki, Koteshwor, Jamal and other Ring Road and city center ranges with high versatility of individuals have been chosen for building open toilets. He said the new toilets would be fabricated once they get the service's gesture. 

KMC said high sanitation guidelines would be kept up at new open toilets. 

As per the review, 19 for every penny of individuals moving did not have any desire to utilize open toilets due poor to poor cleanliness and absence of cleanliness. It was found that around 1,000 individuals utilized every open can a day. 

The Department of Water Supply and Sewerage said 34 locale, 89 districts and more than 2,110 town improvement boards were announced open poo free zone in this way. 

"Nepal has as of now prevailing with regards to meeting Millennium Development Goals 2015 and is hoping to meet national objective by 2017," Bhojendra Aryal, a humanist at the Department said, "If urban communities could oversee open toilets legitimately according to open request, it would meet national objective." 

An adaptation of this article shows up in print on May 05, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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