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Which city of Nepal gives shelter to the most beautiful girls? This question is not stupid. There is a vast difference in the level of beauty according to place and city. There are always exceptions but we will be dealing with general here.

First, let me tell you why I am writing this and on what basis my article will flow to create the countdown of top 5 cities of Nepal with most beautiful girls.I have been working in a position that requires lots of travelling and staying in different cities of Nepal. I have stayed in all the major cities and suburbs of Nepal during my job for 5 years. And as I am in my mid-twenties, I have been turning and twisting my head towards the butterflies all the time. So I have used my observation, my colleagues inputs and in some degree the involvements in beauty peasants (Only in small percentage) to give a logical and detailed answer on the question: ‘in which city of Nepal live the most beautiful girls’

Let’s take the main cities for analysis.The list is of the cities from which the top five cities will be  selected. The cities of which I will be appraising the girls to create the list of top 5 cities with most beautiful girls will be the following:

And Dhangadi
I have been living in all the cities of Nepal for at least two weeks during my job with my colleagues of different age (seniors and juniors). I am being very much skeptical at the fact that I may use my personal preferences for appraising the girls and their beauty. So, I kept aside my personal preferences and used the general things that are considered as creating beauty in girls. And also, this article is lucky as I don’t have any specific preferences. I like Aryans, Mongols, Newars, blacks, whites and virtually all girls that are beautiful. It is not like that I find Aryans or Mongols or Newars more attractive relatively than other types. Also, my friends have been helping a lot to create this list of cities with cuties. Their input is also a major part in this writing. So the eyes for looking the girls and their cuteness are mixed up and impartial to a great extent.

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