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New Nepali Melodious Adhunik Song "Saath Chhodeu Nata Todeu" by Anju Panta

Vocal: Anju Panta
Lyrics: Prem Bdr. Katwal
Music: D.R. Atu
Arranger: Raju Karki

Model: Raj Malla and Gita Tiwari
Camera: Gyanendra Sharma Humagain
Edit: Tekendra Shah
Direction: Prashant Tamang

Followed by more than a million fans in facebook, Anju Panta is one of the greatest Nepali female singer that the music industry has ever seen. Anju Panta was born in Terathum to father Bishnu and mother Mana Maya in 14th April 1982 which makes her current  ge at 34 years. She was raised in Kathmandu. Although she is not from a family with musical background, she had great passion for singing since her early childhood days. Her musical career started when she got break to sing Manuwa Manmai Yogi Banaua devotional song in 1997. She participated in All Nepal Modern Song Competition that was organized by Radio Nepal in 1998. She was able to secure the first position in that competition for which she was honoured with a gold medal. Then she thought of making a career in music and she began practicing day and night. She has said that she had practiced singing music for as long as 14 continuous hours with just a packet of noodle to eat in between. Her first major success was an album titled Kampan which included remake of melodious classic songs like Basanta Nai Basna Khojchha, Ma Pyar Bechi dinchhu, Karkalo Gabha, Reli Khola Bagara, Saune Khola, Aha Banma Phulyo Ful and Ukalima Pani. Her success with this album drew everyone’s attention towards her. Critics praised her ability to pick up ranges from low octave to high very quickly and her knowledge of Classical Music. So, she was approached by many Nepali movies for playback singing. It was ultimately Kina Udyo Pankhi Mana from movie Bagar through which she started singing for Nepali movie and her craze went to fever pitch height. People simply loved her songs which is why her songs topped the most CRBT Downloaded songs from women. Although she has received many offer to act in the movie, she has not accepted any offer so far. She says she is happy with singing and she has no interest in acting. She had learnt singing from guru Bhajan Siromani Krishna Man Dangol and she takes her Guru as source of inspiration. She has already performed in concerts that are held in Hong Kong, Middle East Countries, USA, UK, Japan and India and she has huge crowd of fans in these countries. She has completed elementary education and she is currently living in Hadigaun, Kathmandu. Anju Panta has height of 5 feet 2 inch and looks stunning with hour glass shaped body and long black hair. She likes experimenting with her hair style.

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