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Mandir Music Pvt Ltd Presnet's
 PUskal Sharma's New Nepali Lok Dohroi Folk Song Album Volume 4 New Song 
"Ma Mareko Chhaina"

More Details About This Song 
 Song Title : Ma Mareko Chhainba 
 Vocal , Lyrics, Direction and Music : Puskal Sharma 
 Production and Distribution : Mandir Music Pvt LTd 
 Acting (Cast) : Puskal Sharma and RAnjita 
Camera : Suresh Shrestha 
 Editing : Deepak Bista 
 Video Made by : Guruaama Filims Pvt Ltd

Singer Puskal Sharma is hit lok dohori singer whi has given numerous super hit lok songs. Recently Puskal Sharma is on media limelight due to his new song which has made false news on media. His new song Malami is getting hit and due to this song many online sites have posted false news about his death. Singer Puskal Sharma is alive but online portal site has spreaded news about his death which has caused him in trouble. He has been getting many calls from various countries for this false news. Watch the new song of Puskal Sharma which made wrong news on media:

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