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Hamal Music Pvt Ltd Presnet's 
 In Lyrics and Music of Eknarayan Bhandari 
 Yam Rana Magar's New Nepali Lok Dohori Folk Song 
"Pirati Ko Juwa" 

 More Details About This Song 
Song Title : Pirati Ko Juwa 
 Vocal : Shakti Chand and Jyoti Magar 
 Lyrics and Music : Eknarayan Bhandari 
 Production and Distribution : Hamal Music Pvt Ltd 
 Direction : Babbu Thapa 
 Camera : Karan Chausar 
 Editing : Prabin Bhatta 
 Production Control : Dilip Panta 
 Video Made by : Ekata Filims Pvt LTd

Parbati Rai is one of the popular Nepali dancer / actress who has played in numerous Nepali music videos. Mostly Parbati is well seen on Nepali lok dohori songs. In most of the popular Nepali lok dohori videos we can see her pair with the well known choreographer Shankar BC. Beside dancing on Nepali lok dohori songs Parbati is busy doing shows and performances in and out of Nepal. She is one of the talented Nepali dancer who is called for events and programs organized by Nepalese in abroad. So today we have collected some of the well performed dances by our lovely Parbati Rai. Hope you guys enjoy watching them.

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