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Tea Time Music pvt Ltd Presnet's 
 IN Lyrics and Music of G.C. Amar 
 Sargam KC's New Nepali Lok Dohroi Folk Song
 "Mayamaa Adhiberi"

More Details about This Song

 Song Title : Mayamaa Adhibheri
 Vocal : Sragam KC and Tika Pun 
 Music and Lyrics : G.C. Amar 
Production and Distribution : Tea Time Music Pvt Ltd 
 Acting (Cast) : Sere Saud and Parbati RAi 
 Editing : Bikash Gewali 
Camera : Tanka KC 
 Direction : Madan KHadka

Parbati Rai – Biography, Profile, Video, Songs, Family 

Parbati Rai , A Pouplar demonstrate, Dancer in nepali media outlet. Parbati Rai is one of the mainstream Nepali artist/performer who has played in various Nepali music recordings. Generally Parbati is well observed on Nepali lok dohori tunes. In the vast majority of the famous Nepali lok dohori recordings we can see her combine with the outstanding choreographer Shankar BC. Alongside moving on Nepali lok dohori melodies Parbati is occupied with doing shows and exhibitions all through Nepal. She is one of the skilled Nepali artist who is called for occasions and projects composed by Nepalese in abroad. 

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