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Bhawana Music Solution Pvt Ltd Presnet's 
 Samir Adhikari and Nabin Gorkhali's 
New Nepali Lok Dohori Folk Song "Marne Miti" 

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More Details About This Song

Right for this video is provided by Bhawana Music Solution Pvt.Ltd.

Marne Miti Hudaina Patro Ma
Singer – Bishnu Majhi & Mohan Khadka
Lyrics – Bimal Adhikari
Music – Ramu Khadka
Artist – Bimal Adhikari & Sarika KC 
Editor – Sujan Shahi
Camera – Suresh Shrestha
Director – Kapil Lama

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Bishnu Majhi  is a Nepalese folk singer from Chapakot, Syangja, Nepal. She has been singing Nepali folk, festive and modern songs for last eleven years. She is known as the "Vocal Queen of Nepali folk singer" having recorded over 6,000 songs during this time. Much of her music revolved around the themes of love and patriotism. She is very famous for her folk songs and the themes of love. he was born in 1989 in the neighborhood of Chapakot (Ratnapur-05) located in Syanjha, Nepal She began singing at the age of Fifteen."Driver Dai Man paryo malai" (ड्राइभर दाइ मनपर्यो मलाइ) is her fist most popular song. She has recorded more than 6,000 songs during the time. Especially she sang about patriotism, love and regional songs. She is spent 11 years in singing career. During the time she was able to establish herself as a true daughter of Nepal. She is also known as the Vocal Queen of Nepal. When she was 15 years old she went to Butwal Mahatsobh (बुटवल महत्सव) for her live Dohori singing competition. When she was singing, everyone who heard her were extremely impressed. Sundar Mani had taken Bishnu Majhi from Syanja showing her a dream of making singer. Bishnu’s dream came true but the presence of Sundar Mani in her real life made her life a nightmare. After relationship of living together with Sundarmani Ahikari (Singer/Composer) for 8 years she got married in December 2013 at Pokhara. During the initial days she used to earn Rs. 2,500 for singing one song and as time passed she started earning Rs. 40,000 for each song she sang and known as the Richest singer of Nepal. Which was never seen before. She has reached the height of popularity in Nepal as a folk artist. Her Songs has been hits on more than 100 Million on YouTube and iTunes. But as per her colleagues voice, she is not involved on Social media and any live concert yet.

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