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Bishal Filims Pvt Ltd Presnet's 
Singer Bhim Gurung's New Nepali Lok Dohori Folk Song 
"Laijanchhu UK Maa"

More Details About This Song
Bishal Films Presents :- New Nepali jhyaure lok song
Song:- Laijanchhu UK ma
Vocal:- Bhim Gurung & Amrita Lungeli Magar
Lyrics:- Hum Gaire
Music:- Hum Gaire
Audio/video:- Bishal Films Pvt. Ltd. 9851211723
Director:- Prakash Bhatta
Cinematographer:- Karan Chaisir
Editor:- Bishnu Sharma
Post Production:- Sai Vision Pvt. Ltd. 014102684

Dohori music is Nepali folk songs. Dohori means from two side or a debate. This debate is in rhythm, and involves quick and witty poetry. The two teams in Dohori usually involve boys in one group girls in the other. The song is started with a question usually from the boys' side. The girl follows the question with a quick response and continues the musical conversation.
Dohori songs can last for as long as a week. The length of the Dohori depends on the quick thinking ability of the players.

Aadhunik geet or modern songs are popular songs in Nepal. It is also known as sugam sangeet. These type of songs are soft and melodious. One of the most famous singers in this category was late Narayan Gopal who was also known as a "King of Modern Songs" who gave hits like "Euta Manchhe Ko", "Yeti Dherai Maya Dii". ?The singer was equally praised in India for his commendable voice and soothing tones.pramod kharel is also a good singer..
Nepali classical music has a history since the time of King Mana Deva (567BS/ 510 AD). The classical music was able to develop, improve and grow during the Kirat Period, Lichchavi Period, Malla Period and Shah Period as well as the Rana Period. After Rana rulers King Mahendra and Birendra played a role to popularise classical music through Radio and Durbar Concerts. Today many classical musicians live with music here as their profession. Many bands namely Sursudha, Sukarma, Trikaal, Sampada , Kutumba are famous bands in Nepal. Classical music organizations such as Kalanidhi, Narayan Music Academy, Kirateswor, Kapan Sangit Sarowar, Yalamaya, Ram Mandir and Atul Memorial Gurukul have been organising regular public shows for the conservation of eastern classical music. Atul Memorial Gurukul  is the first classical music Gurukul in Nepal.

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