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In July 2015, Archana and her mother Sunita were arrested by the Nepal Police for public obscenity as the duo kept posting vulgar and nude photos online. The police organised a counselling session and asked them not to proliferate vulgarity in the sensitive Nepali culture. Reportedly, they agreed not to continue their previous actions and, subsequently, were released from the police custody.

Archana was just 16 when she started releasing her nude photos. Her mother Sunita Paneru was initially accused of encouraging her minor daughter to make bad choices. Archana’s mother Sunita worked in India for 15 years before returning to Nepal in 2008. As of 2016, Archana maintains a minimal relationship with her father Bhojraj Paneru. Archana has a younger brother too.
Though Archana has received support and encouragement from her mother Sunita, her father has disapproved her actions. In an interview given to NP News Portal,  when asked whether he supported his daughter’s actions, he replied:

“We can give support to do doing positive kind of work, but how to support negative kind of work? I never brought shorts as they claim, they brought them by themselves and talking about the photo-shoots, I never supported them. I didn’t even know about this till you said it. I don’t even use Facebook. I told them that I will support if they do the right thing. I even told do those things where society also supports it. I gave them suggestions to do good and right things but I don’t know what they did.”

Modelling, Film Career & Personal Life

It was reported in 2015 that Archana Paneru would act as an actress in Raju giri’s Nepali movie Jism. It was also reported that she would be paid 4,00,000 Nepali rupees for the role. However, no further information has been provided about the upcoming movie or the deal. In February 2016, Archana appeared in a Nepali folk music video as a music video model.archana-paneru-2

In one interview, Archana said that she also wants to be a dancer and a designer in the future. She said that she would be travelling to the UK to pursue further studies at some point. When asked about her romantic affairs, she claimed that she has a boyfriend called Jack Wilson, an Australian, whom she met through Facebook. She also said that Jack has asked her to move to Australia and pursue her career in adult entertainment if she finds it challenging to do so in Nepal. Her claims have been, however, contested by many social media users in Nepal.

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