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Him Samjhauta Digital Pvt Ltd Presnet's 
Abinash Kanchha's New Nepali Item Lok Dohori Folk Song 
"Bindas Paramaa"

More Details About This Song
Him Samjhauta Digital Presents :-
Song:- Bindash Parama
Vocal:- Abhinash Kanchha & Rita KC
Lyrics:- Jiwan BC
Music:- Jiwan Bc
Audio/video:- Him Samjhauta Digital Pvt. Ltd. 9841964726
Director:- Ekindra Sara Shankar
Cinematographer:- Karan Chaisir
Editor:- Bishnu Sharma
Model:- Jyoti Magar & Naresh Bir Sing
Post Production:- Him Samjhauta Digital Pvt. Ltd. 9841964726
Managing Director:- Nandaram Pariyar

As of October 2016, Jyoti is single and when asked by JanaPukar, an online magazine, whether she was in a romantic relationship, she said that she’s in love with music. She has revealed that she does get plenty of love proposals which she can broadly categorize into two: from the ones who really like her emotionally, but also from the ones who are merely seeking physical pleasure from her.
Jyoti has one brother and one sister and while siblings are married, she lives with her parents.
She has said that her bad habit is that she is a bit lazy. When asked whether she had a favorite Nepali political leader, she said she liked Gagan Thapa because he’s handsome and has good views. When asked if sex before marriage was OK for her, she replied that if there is long commitment and if the person you are involved with is HIV negative, it should be OK.

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